The best way to find articles on lifeClipper is to just search the web. After the presentation of lifeClipper3 at the ISMAR11 conference and reports of the BBC, AFP, pressetext, Daily Mail, El Pais and other important media the international response was enormous and texts are available in languages from around the globe.
Below you can find a selection of links to interesting first-hand texts in English, German or Spanish. (Switzerland)
"El arte del mañana, hoy" | Rodrigo Carrizo Couto | 07-10-2011

BBC (Great Britain)
"The 'parallel world' in a Swiss park" | David J Reid | 25-10- 2011 (Spain)
"Qué imaginas?" | Ramiro Villapadierna | 31-10-2011
Tages Woche (Switzerland)
"Im St. Johannspark wird der Mensch zur Computermaus" | Annett Altvater
13-11-2011 | URL: (Germany)

"ISMAR – The True AR Experience" | Tobias Kammann | 20-11-2011

El País, Tentaciones (Spain)
“Viajes al otro mundo” | Rodrigo Carrizo Couto | 27-11-2011


The Local (Switzerland)
"Giant green worm stalks Basel park" |  Meritxell Mir | 25-11-2011

Daily Mail (Great Britain)
"A living dream" |  Damien Gayle | 05-03-2012

pressetext (Germany)
"Helm schickt Nutzer auf Psycho-Trip" |  Georg Pichler | 13-03-2012